3C Examinations is temporarily CLOSED

3C Examinations exited Commercial Finance on 1/29/2021 and is no longer providing collateral field examination or data-mining services.

Thank you to the Commercial Finance industry for the last 11-12 years of business.


3C Examinations Evaluates Collateral and Risk Associated with Commercial Finance Lending, Specializing in Collateral Field Examinations

We believe in providing comprehensive analysis that lenders can use in structuring and managing their credit facilities.

Our services provide quality risk assessment while being cognizant of the need to maintain time and cost efficiency. We are sensitive to our clients’ security needs in protecting lender & borrower information, keeping information confidential.

Our staff is skilled in the commercial finance industry with backgrounds in asset-based lending, banking, account management, underwriting, and management.

At 3CE our mission is to communicate quality collateral risk assessment associated with financing a business, allowing the lender to structure its loans to best mitigate risk and increase shareholder returns.


3CE supports the commercial lending industry by assessing the risks associated with accounts receivable and inventory collateral lending. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive analysis of collateral risk, historical performance, review of Borrower policy and procedures and adherence to loan covenants.

These services are provided through:

  • Collateral Field Examinations
  • Data-mining services for further analysis of collateral components and traits

Collateral Field Examinations

3C Examinations specializes in collateral field examinations for commercial lenders with accounts receivable and inventory collateralized loans. These examinations provide lenders with a collateral risk assessment that allows them to structure their secured loan to optimize the lending capacity of the borrower’s collateral. 3C works with the lender to design the examination scope specific to their needs.

3CE provides the following types of field examinations:

  • Due Diligence/Survey examinations on prospective borrowers
  • Initial funding examinations to roll-forward and retest collateral for accurate collateral figures and funding requirements the day of funding
  • Recurring examinations on existing borrowers
  • Special collateral reviews performed when lenders discover a need to conduct a thorough review of their collateral outside of the standard recurring examination schedule

Data-mining Services

3C Examinations utilizes an industry data-mining software during collateral field examinations. Use of a data-mining software can provide additional analysis that would otherwise take considerable time to perform manually.

We provide data-mining services specific to the lender’s needs, including

  • Establishing data-mining templates
  • Recurring monitoring of ineligibles
  • Pledging of assets in securitizations


Lori Lumbert, President, has 25+ years of experience in the commercial finance industry, 20+ of which were spent performing and managing collateral examinations of various complexities, including ABL, C&I, Factoring, and Securitization examinations.

Lori began her career in asset-based lending in 1994 as an examiner with Fremont Financial Corporation. After gaining Account Management experience from Bayview Financial Corporation, she became a contract field examiner in 1999.

More recently in 2007, Lori entered the banking industry with First Heritage Bank, N.A., followed by Mutual of Omaha Bank. As a Relationship Manager, she was also responsible for underwriting new C&I and real estate business. This experience gave her added depth for understanding the needs of Lenders to have experienced collateral examinations. To meet this need, Lori founded 3C Examinations in greater Phoenix, Arizona in July 2009.

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